Wikipédia, une source documentaire valable?


le 2014-11-21 à 08:02

Selon Pierre Assouline professeur de journalisme, sur Wikipédia, "le dernier qui a parlé a raison jusqu'au prochain et de façon générale, les informations publiées ne sont pas vérifiées ..."

Qu' en pensez-vous?
A partir de notre travail sur les sources , expliquez les avantages et les inconvénients à utiliser wikipédia comme source documentaire dans un paragraphe rédigé.

le 2014-11-24 à 18:34

I think that Wikipedia can be a reliable source only for topics, but I also think that it can be very incorrect and the information false. People use a stereotype against wikipedia that says that anybody can put anything they want, and from what I know, that is completely wrong. Not everyone can put something on wikipedia. Most people do not know that only some people are chosen to make and write a wikipedia page like say you own a company, only a couple of the people will be able to add something, and you have to be an active donor to put something on the specific wikipedia topic. Then there is a whole process of verification and the last stage of this process is the verification done by the group of people who wrote the page in the first place.
Wikipedia is only a good use for the start of our project, but later when you are too deep to consult wikipedia you have to find more reliable sources. I preferably use wikipedia only for dates and name and then I look for websites that include some valuable and important information. Although, wikipedia pulls things out from different sources, but you may not know how many sources you needed to consult; say you have to put in a line, the more sources it has traveled through, the less reliable it will become, but you do not know how many sources the info has traveled through so you cannot really judge it directly without seeing other sites that had similar things.
At the end of every wikipedia page, there are many sources and websites where you can find information, so wikipedia also grants credit to its used source, wikipedia also can serve as a website holder. In my opinion, people can become lazy and not consult these websites where you can get even more detailed information. All in all, I consider wikipedia a reliable and useful source.

le 2014-11-28 à 11:02

I think that Wikipedia could be a reliable source but it just depends on the topic that you are looking up. I just did a test where I typed in a whole bunch of random letters and it said that there wasn't anything related to that topic. It didn't ask if I wanted to create a Wikipedia page on that topic.
I 100% agree with David that people stereotype Wikipedia saying that it is not a reliable source and that anyone can just write something on it thinking it is something for everyone to see but it goes through a process. You never see any inappropriate comments on it, and trust me if there was a comment bar people would say dumb things on there so that everyone can see it.
I use Wikipedia because it is very precise and in my opinion it gives more information that is correct than any other sites because it takes information from websites and mashes it up into a big informative website (of course giving credit to the websites). So in my opinion I think that Wikipedia is a safe, informative, and useful source to use.

le 2014-11-28 à 12:30

Je pense que Wikipédia peut être utilisé quand on a besoin de rechercher quelque chose rapidement, on peut aussi chercher des informations et les vérifier sur différents sites. J'aime beaucoup Wikipédia car c'est le premier site qui s'affiche sur internet quand on fait des recherches et je comprends le vocabulaire. D'autres sites sont aussi très intéressants et ont plus d'informations que Wikipédia. Leur vocabulaire est plus compliqué.
J'utilise Wikipédia depuis le primaire donc j'ai l’habitude alors c'est un reflex d'utiliser Wikipédia. Pour moi, Wikipédia est une source très intéressante mais il vaut mieux utiliser d'autres sources.

le 2014-11-28 à 15:29

I think that Wikipedia is a good site depending on what information you are searching. For example, if your subject is complicated like quantum physics and the Wikipedia page has almost nothing on it, then you should probably search to see if the information is correct. But, if it's a common subject like by example World War II then you can be sure that it's verify.

Also, most of the authors on Wikipedia know what they are talking about and love writing articles, some of them are even expert. But writing on Wikipedia might also be a fun hobby for some peoples,I am not saying that all the information these peoples wright is wrong but it's one of the reason why we should check Wikipedia information. Authors can be mistaken so it's very important to check on other websites if names and dates are correct. Even if this site is verify it is possible to modify some articles and wright whatever you want on it ( I have al ready done it ), and even if it only stays for 5 minutes before being deleted it's still there for 5 minutes. Also for some articles there is no link to word or name you don't know.

So in my opinion Wikipedia can be useful if you verify your information.

le 2014-11-28 à 18:12

On peut utiliser wikipedia mais pas que wikipedia. Il faut comparer avec d'autres sites si les informations sont correctes car il faut savoir que n'importe qui peut écrire sur wikipedia. C'est un avantage car des personnes experimentees ou des specialistes, mais malheureusement, on ne sais jamais qui est derriere l'ordinateurt. Peut etre qu'il y a des enfants qui mette n'importe quoi juste pour faire une plaisanterie. De nos jours personnes peut faire une presentation sans aller sur wikipedia.

J'en conclus que wikipedia peut etre tres utile mais il faut toujours reverifier ses réponses et s'en méfier!

le 2014-11-29 à 16:21

Wikipedia has good qualities and bad qualities.

What is quite interesting about Wikipedia, is that anyone can write information about anything. The problem with that is that not all of the information is true. Everyone has their own opinion, so someone could write something on Wikipedia about a place, and then anyone who read that would think of the opinion as fact. Therefore, while using Wikipedia, it is wise to verify that the facts are indeed correct. I recommend that everyone first take a look at Wikipedia and then find different websites to verify the information that they have found.

Wikipedia provides so much information. For example if someone were to search Albert Einstein on Wikipedia, there is literally so much information. Not only do they have all of that information in English, but it has been translated into 264 other languages, so anyone can access and understand what has been written. I don't think that there is any other website providing and translating so much information about so many different people, places and things.

Wikipedia can be a great source of information, however it can be unreliable.

le 2014-11-30 à 10:48

Wikipédia est la source internet la plus utiliser au monde quand il s'agit de faire des recherches sur des personnes en particulier.

Je pense que Wikipédia peu nous servir énormément si l'on connaîtdéjà un peu la vie de la personne et qu'on souhaite y ajouter quelquesinformations. Dans ce cas Wikipédia pourra nous guider en plusieursdétails sur la vie de cette personne. Dès qu'on a fini de rechercher nos informations nécessaire il faut tout de suite aller sur d'autres site pour vérifier nos informations. Wikipédia est aussi très connue dans le monde car la biographie de la personne peut être traduite en 264 langues.

Les mauvais côtés de Wikipédia c'est que n'importe qui peut éditer ou écrire sur la personne que vous essayer d'étudier.

Wikipédia est un très bon site mais à ne pas utiliser il faut toujours s'affirmer des informations qu'on a trouvé grace à d'autres sites


le 2014-11-30 à 12:36

Wikipedia can be a easy accessible website that can be used to obtain understandable answers. It has translations in about every language which is practical for everyone. Since anyone can write what they want on this website, there are many different forms of writing and different ideas. It may give you some helpful facts but I do not suggest using the research on assignments because it is usually never accurate.

Since anyone is able to write whatever they want on this website, there is a high chance that these answers are inconclusive and are just the persons thoughts. Example, If ever on wikipedia and looking for answers, make sure to double check on other websites to make sure the answer is accurate.

le 2014-11-30 à 13:01

The advantages/disadvantages of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a source on the internet used everywhere in the world. It has information on almost every subject (person,place,thing) and can
be translated in more then 250 languages.
All questions can be answered on the internet. Many use wikipedia since it provides a lot of information and is easy to access. It's a good source to start a project with however, the information should be re-checked on another site or source to make sure its true. Although many people like using wikipedia, anyone can contribute or change an answer which makes the source less reliable. The reason of that is because the man who invented wikipedia believed in "free knowledge" that people could copy, work, modify information to give even more. Wikipedia came after his first attempt to make an encyclopedia on the internet. The word "wiki" in Hawaiian means quick. People all over the world, share what they know.
Overall, Wikipedia is a site you may use for quick information but is better to check another one to confirm that it's right.

le 2014-11-30 à 13:28

I believe that Wikipedia is a reliable source. I have used it in many of my projects (along with other websites of course). It is descriptive and full of extra information that might help you with your research. For example when you search something up it will open to a page with all the information you need but there is also the blue words that you can click on and they lead you to another page that gives even more information and facts on your subject.

Of course many people can go on Wikipedia, create an account and write what ever they please but as others have previously said, the system verifies all the information and deletes the false facts.

I use Wikipedia for dates, names and mainly information. It can help you start your project but then you need to search deeper and find more reliable sources.

I think Wikipedia is reliable but you also need to check out other websites before you put all your trust in Wikipedia.


le 2014-11-30 à 13:31

Je pense que Wikipédia est un bon site pour s’orienter vers des sites plus précis ou vérifier des informations. Par example si on ne connait rien a propos d’une pile, Wikipédia est un bon site pour avoir quelques informations a propos de ce sujet pour vérifier les informations et en trouver d’autres.

Il faut aussi faire attention à se site car n’importe qui ayant accès a internet peux mettre n’importe quoi sur Wikipédia pendant 5 minutes. Donc 50 personnes peuvent copier cette information non vérifiée.

Mais en revanche Wikipédia définit des mots qui sont difficile a comprendre. Et aussi ce site est traduit en pratiquement toutes les langues. Ce site classe les informations dans des sections comme bioagraphie, études, famille, ect... Ce site est aussi bien car il réunit presque toutes les informations de sites connus ou fréquentés.

En Conclusion:
Moi je n’utiliserais pas uniquement Wikipédia pour un projet. Personnellement je n’utiliserai Wikipedia que pour 25% de mes recherches, mais je les comfirmerais.


le 2014-11-30 à 13:58

“Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” was created on the 15th of January 2001 and is one of the most visited websites in the world. Wikipedia articles can be translated into 287 different languages.

Wikipedia is a very variable source in terms of reliability.
Several pieces of evidence point towards Wikipedia being an unreliable source. It is commonly said that anybody can write a Wikipedia article. “People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can add or edit article prose, references, images and other media here. What is contributed is more important than the expertise or qualifications of the contributor. What will remain depends upon whether the content is free of copyright restrictions and contentious material about living people, and whether it fits within Wikipedia's policies, including being verifiable against a published reliable source, thereby excluding editors' opinions and beliefs and unreviewed research. Contributions cannot damage Wikipedia because the software allows easy reversal of mistakes and many experienced editors are watching to help ensure that edits are cumulative improvements.” (Wikipedia: About). In short, anybody can contribute, no matter how unqualified they are. However, this is not entirely true. Only some people are chosen to write articles. There is also the thorough process of verification that scans the page for errors. Unfortunately, this cannot identify every error, which makes Wikipedia still subject to some inaccuracy. Some articles can also be lazily written, leading to an even further margin of error. Wikipedia articles also tend to be ENORMOUS and hard to draw information from.

Wikipedia is actually a collection of information coming from other sources. This can save you a lot of time, which is helpful. Wikipedia also lists the websites it draws information from at the bottom of every article.

Wikipedia can be treated as the starting point for a subject. It contains all the names, dates and is usually the first result you get when you look something up in Google. My opinion is that Wikipedia should be the starting point for a project but other, more specialized sources should be used in addition.

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le 2014-11-30 à 14:07

Wikipedia has benefits and loses
The loses of Wikipedia, is that many people believe that you can write whatever you want on the subject and it will stay there, but that is not true. You must write something that is rellevant to the topic. If Wikipedia, did let people write a whole bunch of incorrect facts, nobody would use Wikipedia and their would be many innappropriate facts. I think that Wikipedia is good for projects but you must check on another site to make sure.

The benefits of Wikipedia is that it provides tons of information on whatever you asked for (place,thing,person). Not only is there a lot of information but it is translated in many languages which makes Wikipedia international(many people like that).

As a result, Wikipedia has so much information, children in particular tend to forget and just use Wikipedia not other sites that could be more accurate.
In conclusion, if you use Wikipedia always confirm if it is right on another site.

le 2014-11-30 à 14:31


[/center][/center][/center][/center][/center][/center][/center]wikipedia is sa dodgy website...
Wikipedia is a website that I have been using since kindergarden. It is actually my primary source for any kind of research and I really mostly use wikipedia (depending on the subject). Wikipedia is great because there are so many different language options. It may be good for little projects but for more serious presentations probably not so good. It is very often said that anyone is open to commenting and may input false information but that isn't entirely true because wikipedia does actually do an error check but leaves some mistakes behind... I personally haven't had to many problems with wikipedia but there are still some times where it gives me the wrong dates... As i am growing up i'm slowly starting to use multiple sources and not only wikipedia as it can lead to unwanted problems.

[center][/center]To conclude wikipedia is a website to be used for smaller projects because it may lead to errors.

le 2014-11-30 à 14:32

wikipedia is sa dodgy website...
Wikipedia is a website that I have been using since kindergarden. It is actually my primary source for any kind of research and I really mostly use wikipedia (depending on the subject). Wikipedia is great because there are so many different language options. It may be good for little projects but for more serious presentations probably not so good. It is very often said that anyone is open to commenting and may input false information but that isn't entirely true because wikipedia does actually do an error check but leaves some mistakes behind... I personally haven't had to many problems with wikipedia but there are still some times where it gives me the wrong dates... As i am growing up i'm slowly starting to use multiple sources and not only wikipedia as it can lead to unwanted problems.

To conclude wikipedia is a website to be used for smaller projects because it may lead to errors.

le 2014-11-30 à 15:17


Wikipédia est une encyclopédie "libre" sur Internet. Crée le 15 janvier 2001 par Jimmy Wales et Larry Sanger, il se classe parmi les sites les plus visités du monde. Écrivez un mot dans la boîte de recherche, et la plupart du temps, le premier lien qui s'affichera sera Wikipédia...
Des millions d'articles ont été écrits, modifiés, effacés et traduits en 287 langues ...

Mais qui se cache vraiment derrière ce mur d'informations ?
Ce sont les wikipédiens ! Avec 22 millions de comptes, Wikipedia a de quoi être le sixième site le plus visité au monde ! Bien que certains sont simplement inscrits pour ajouter quelques informations à chaque lune bleue, d'autres passent plusieurs heures par jour à changer ou ajouter des informations...

Et pourquoi ?
Maintenant que l'encyclopédie du net est "le" dictionnaire de tout ce que l'on cherche, certaine célébrités et compagnies essayent d'embellir leur page Wikipédia en embauchant des hackers qui effacent toute trace de leur passage après avoir ajouter des informations...
Certains articles sont interdit de modification comme le propre article 'WIKIPÉDIA' sur Wikipédia.. D'autres sont simplement censurés pendant quelque temps à cause des débats et des points de vus d'autre personnes sur un article, comme par exemple celui de Manuel Valls, le premier ministre français ..

Wikipédia n'est pas à l'abri des erreurs...
Avec ses milliards d'utilisateurs et ses millions d'inscrits, les articles de Wikipédia peuvent être la preuve que personne n'est parfait. Les Wikipédiens peuvent faire des erreurs qui ne seront corrigés que des semaines après... d'autres le seront dans l'heure qui suive !!
Bien que Wikipédia embauche des "patrouilleurs", dont le travail est de chercher l'intrus (les erreurs), les fautes subsistent.

Cela veut dire que Wikipédia n'est pas pour autant un site qu'il faut utiliser sans vérifier les informations.
Wikipédia est maintenant un site que la plupart des jeunes utilisent: il faut alors comprendre que l'encyclopédie libre est bien sur un site à utiliser mais plus pour "découvrir" l'information rapidement (en surface).

Donc, nous pouvons utiliser Wikipédia pour comprendre de quoi parle le sujet dont on parle, sans pour autant lire tout l'article et penser que tout est correct.
Il faut toujours utiliser d'autre sites pour vérifier les informations.
Je ne pense pas qu'il fasse inscrire Wikipédia dans notre bibliographie de notre présentation ...
Wikipédia est un site "pour nous". Il doit être utilisé sans être toujours LE site à avoir dans son PowerPoint.
Wikipédia, c'est comme une application du net que l'on peut rouvrir à tout moment pour découvrir l'information recherché: pour entrer dans les détails, il faut se diriger vers d'autres sites !!

le 2014-11-30 à 16:06

Wikipedia has it's ups and downs

I think Wikipedia could be a reliable source but you still have to be careful. It is a good source for looking up quick information but using this for school research or something important is is risky. If I were to be doing a school project, I would use Wikipedia but before adding something important, I would double check the information just to make sure.

Wikipedia is open for anyone to add any information but what is helpful too is that at the bottom, there is always a sources area where you can see where people got their information. I'm not saying not to use Wikipedia, because it is a very helpful site, just be careful.

I have noticed that sometimes, there are wrong names,dates,events... If you want to use Wikipedia, I would suggest only using it for something small or double checking your information.

I like how Wikipedia also has many different language options and SO much information. It is an international site. There is always a lot of information but it is important not to get carried away with all of it and use other sources too.

In conclusion, if you are going to use Wikipedia, check your information else where too.

le 2014-11-30 à 18:44

je pense que wikipedia est une tres bonne source avec toute sorte de sujet et beaucoup d'information.Mais sa a un problème. Le quelle? C'est que tout e monde peux mettre tout et nimporte quoi. Sa ve dire que n'importe qui peux mettre des informations fausse. donc en conclusion c'est une bonne source mais il faut toujours faire attention et aussie ne pas seulement utuliser wikipedia.

le 2014-12-01 à 10:16

On wikipedia anybody can go on it and write whatever they want. I think wikipedia is and is not a reliable source. It's a reliable source because people that know this subject can write interesting and true facts about the subject that they are writing about. It also isn't a reliable source because, as i said anybody can write anything, which means someone could go on a subject and erase a couple of thing and write false thing as a joke. People are trying to search up a subject and they get false information from wikipedia because someone was just joking around. Wikipedia is good site, that i use myself, but when i use it i go on other sites to see if they have the same information. So in conclusion i say it is ok to use wikipedia, but you have to use it wisely.

le 2014-12-01 à 15:58

W est pour web site
I est pour internet
k est pour un kilo de savoir ou plus
i est pour international
p est pour povoir car Connaissance est povoir
e est pour encyclopedie
d est pour dominance
i est pour intelligance
a est pour alphabete
Wikepidia est utiliser par tous le monde les grandes et les petites. Sur le Wiki vous pourez trouvais tous de common bebe son forme a la masse du solie. Commme Micheal Scott (steve Carrel) a dit sur l'office " wikipedia is the best thing ever. anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject-- so you know you are getting the best possible information" et c'est vrai peut etre tous n'est pas 100% correct mais ils ya des personne qui efface tous les chose studied.
-Mathieu Isanove-

le 2014-12-01 à 17:10

Wikipedia is a very debatable topic. Some people say that you can just create a account and just type whatever you want; that's false, yes you can just create a account and type but it gets checked by Wikipedia officials; once checked by those officials they go and make sure that that information is correct. They officials on Wikipedia are almost always writing new topics on people and events. But Wikipedia has over 4 million different articles and nobody can check all of them. I personally use Wikipedia for small facts, dates and people. But before writing that information down, I make sure my information. Wikipedia is only good for a overall idea, if you wish to go in more detail then I would recommend going to another website. Not only that its a rule in doing research for a project, you never use just one source, as that source (such as Wikipedia) can never be fully trusted since that's the internet!

So to conclude my paragraph, I believe that Wikipedia is a good source only if you check your information and use it for facts, dates and people.

Your Future Hamster

le 2014-12-01 à 18:40

Wikipedia is a site on the internet which is basically an online encyclopedia. Many people believe that it is created by many random people who insert false information and may put whatever they want on it. Others say that you have to create an account, write your information, and sometime later the people who work on the site will check what you have written and confirm whether or not it is false or correct. Personally, from what I know, Wikipedia is just a site created by the people who work on it and that in order for you to publish your information, you must have an account, process a lot of information and once completed, a member of the site will check for any errors.
I only use Wikipedia for looking up dates, locations and sometimes bits of information that I really need. However, sometimes it's not true. I once had to do a project on Napoleon and when I looked up the date, it said that he was born in 1805 and died in 1996...
In conclusion I like to use Wikipedia but I always keep a good lookout for any false information.

le 2014-12-01 à 19:02

Wikipedia is an arguable website.
Most of the students uses this sources because it is the first website that pops up when you search something on the Internet. It is the easier and quicker for the students because Wikipedia is a quick reading and you will get the answers right away. Also this source is translated in many different languages, so if the middle school students have an English or French research they will go on Wikipedia.

The biggest disadvantage is that the teenagers will only go on Wikipedia and will not search for any other website. The information in the cyber site is not always the best because people all around the world can post something on Wikipedia and say false information.

le 2014-12-01 à 19:25

Wikipedia is in my opinion an easy to go to website when in need for information, but not so much reliable. It gives a lot of information on most topics and I love the fact that if you're in a hurry and you don't want to read five pages, there is a small resume at the top of the page. Also, Wikipedia offers images, different languages options and gives all the sources used to write this article at the bottom of the page. I use Wikipedia a lot to familiarize with the subject, but like I read many other students do as well, I do not use this source for in dept. research.
I do not use this website for in dept. research, first of all, because the information on Wikipedia is not always true. Now, I am not certain who has the right and is able to write those articles, but I know many people can get an account or something of the sort and start typing. So, I know you should always go double check on other websites if you take ANY information off of Wikipedia, because people post false dates, numbers and names. So, jut be very careful and if you use it, make sure you double check your information on more reliable sources after.

le 2014-12-01 à 19:46

Moi je pense que wikipedia est une source juste pour les bases d'un événement ou d'une personne mais pas pour approfondir ses connaissance. Aussi beaucoup de personnes qui utilisent wikipedia ne savent pas que c'est des personne qui écrive ces articles. Donc il peut y avoir des erreurs ou des fausses information. Je l'utilise toujours pour savoir quelque information sur le sujet mais j'approfondis avec des autres site qui sont correct ! Aussi c'est toujours la source qui arrivent premier et elle est vraiment facile a utiliser donc nous les personnes qui ont la flemme de chercher un site on va juste sur Wikipedia. Moi je pense que c'est une source plutôt bien et facile a utiliser mais il faut toujours se méfier des fausse information

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