Lunch and learn Rencontre avec Stephane Loire

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  • Le 2014-03-21
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On Tuesday march 20th during the 'Lunch and Learn" time, we were very glad to have a quick meeting with M. Stephane Loire, curator in chief of the Painting Departement of Louvres. He was passionate about the history of this incredible Museum. At first, Le Louvres was the royal residence of French King. Louis XIV built Versailles and the Palais du Louvres was abandonned After the French Revolution, it began to be used like exhibition place. It's now one of the most important museum in the world with a collection of 400 000 artworks .

 Francois Loire also talked also about his job of curator. He explained his mission: buy and collect, protect, study and explain to the public.
It was a wonderful moment to share his passion. Students were very happy to ask questions on the difference between France and America about art. What a great experience!

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