Une image est-elle réellement objective?

La passation de pouvoir de Barack Obama à Donald Trump sous l'oeil des photographes : Les photos les plus fortes de l'investiture de Donald Trump un dossier dans L'Obs

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Et vous, qu'en pensez-vous? Ces photos donnent-elles une image objective et réaliste de la cérémonie, ou sont-elles orientées selon un certain parti pris? 

Donne nous un avis (argumenté) dans les commentaires.

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Charlotte D'Orsi
  • 1. Charlotte D'Orsi | 2017-01-20
I think that some of this images give a false impression about all the stress and conflict that went into these elections. The images of Donald Trump smiling and shaking hands with everyone look quite sincere since he won such a big election that will still be talked about decades from now. I truly believe that he loves this country and wants to make it better; he really showed this on January 20th. The images of his family give off the same impression, they are happy for Trump and all the hard work he's put into these elections. However, Michelle and Barack Obama; despite their smiling, are most likely under stress since they are not known to be quite fond of Trump. The very first image of Trump pointing his finger at Obama has been put way out of context because if you were to watch the actual video from the inauguration; you would have seen the happiness and joy when Obama and Trump exchanged words; it was in no way rude or menacing. In addition, we have no clue what words they exchanged, therefore we cannot sit here judging either of their demeanor. Hillary Clinton, just like the Obamas, is probably devastated about not having won the election, but keeps a smile on her face anyways. Over all, the inauguration was an extremely important historical moment and no matter who won the election; everyone should watch it in order to honor their new president even if they didn't vote for them because there is no changing the fact that he is now our president. These images depict happy and angry moments that could potentially be false but we can never truly know.
Une très belle analyse de ces images. Bravo!
Sheila Noonen
  • 2. Sheila Noonen | 2017-01-20
I think that this type of image is playing into the polarization of populations across the globe. While Mr. Trump is pointing, a gesture that we try to teach small children as being rude, both men are shaking hands. Further, Mr. Obama is touching the bicep of the other man, a gesture of friendliness and ease. Each of their faces are marked with concentration that could be attributed to listening or focusing. I am not happy with the results of the election, but I trust Mr. Obama's words: "We are all rooting for your success."

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